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About SBP Consultants and Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Our Organization

SBP Consultants & Engineers (P) Ltd. today is one of the leading Indian outward-looking organizations in the area of new project identification, feasibility and market study preparation, technology collaboration, buy-back arrangement, industrial plant export/import and project financing. It has undertaken extensive work in identifying new project opportunities, sourcing technology and industrial know-how from Germany, UK, Italy, USA, Japan, Taiwan and Korea, etc. and keeping in step with changing industrial trends and growing needs of entrepreneurs and corporate houses in India and abroad. Over the years, it has become a well-known name in the industrial world for offering integrated technical consultancy services.

SBP is proud to have recently fetched the order for setting up Toilet Soap Plant in Semarang, Indonesia. Clearly, this is the outcome of good work we rendered in Iran, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and other Afro-Asian countries.

Multi-client Project Reports

With a view to provide consultancy and guidance to the entrepreneurs of small and medium scale Industries we have divided a new concept of multi-client, off-the-shelf project reports in diverse fields viz: InfoTech, textiles pharmaceuticals, food processing, biotechnology, auto ancillaries, building material, chemicals, perfumery, paint and essential oils, dyes and dye intermediates, electrical, electrical, electronics, mechanical, metallurgical, paper, packaging, plastic, rubber, leather, Priced economically and accessible readily, each report contains a wealth of hard-to obtain data on a particular project, a concept pioneered in India by us. Over 2400 multi-client project reports have been prepared in diverse fields - infotech, textiles, pharmaceuticals, food processing, auto ancillaries, building material, chemicals, perfumery, paints and essential oils, dyes and dye intermediates, electrical, electronics, mechanical, metallurgical, paper, packaging, plastics, rubber, leather... you name it, we have covered it !

Once you have drawn up a product selection matrix, there are many project-tied considerations for taking pre investment decisions. A techno-economic feasibility study presents a project idea with clearer perception for an exhaustive appraisal of the top management to choose between go and no-go options.

We found entrepreneurs and business houses faced a lacuna while looking to set up new projects. Going to a consultant meant shelling out large sums of money and kicking up ones heels for a long time before the expert advice became available.

SBP prefeasibility studies have broken untrodden grounds in corporate diversification and helped thousands of organisations in India and abroad for new ventures. Priced economically and accessible readily, each report contains a wealth of hard-to-obtain data on a particular project.

The fact that today we are front-runners in the field of multi-client prefeasibility reports is no accident really. Through a constant vigil on the emergent global markets, keeping track of the latest in plant and machinery and in-depth analysis of business environment, we pioneered a revolutionary concept and every incident of success has strengthened our resolve.

While we fought hard to uphold the entrepreneurs' cause, every SBP report reflected the sweat and toil of a thoroughly professional team. Not within India alone, our services have transcended national boundaries too. Many Afro-Asian countries have availed and readily acknowledged our relevance in speeding up industrial progress.

Detailed prefeasibility studies prepared by SBP include a technical description of the product under consideration and its various end uses, discussion on the prevailing manufacturing processes, recommendations with respect to the process to be selected, capacity of the proposed unit and location of the plant.

SBP study normally provides details regarding requirements and availability of raw materials, stores and utilities, land, building, plant equipment and manpower, and the names of some important suppliers of raw materials and equipment.

Government policies towards the particular industry, and the present and anticipated future demand /supply position are also discussed.

Reports also cover the financial aspects of proposed projects. These include details of total cost of the project including working capital requirements, sources of funds and proposed capital structure.

Profitability and cash flow projections are provided together with key indicators of profitability such as breakeven point and internal rate of return.

The organization is enlisted with/member of-

• Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)

• Indo-American Chamber of Commerce

• Indo-German Chamber of Commerce

• Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

• Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)

• Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

• Indian Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO)

• Various State Financial Corporations


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