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market Survey and Research of marketing from SBP

Each reports covers exhaustive market survey providing detailed information on project, existing manufacturers, production and import-export statics, demand analysis and projected demand supply gap. The report further provides all vital project data on the economic capacity, requirement and cost of land and building machinery details, raw materials, fixed and working capital requirements, manufacturing process, financial implications, cost of production, projected profitability statement, payback period break-even point, sources of supply of plant and machinery and raw materials etc.

* Prepared by a team of dedicated Engineers and supported by a panel of Exports & Computerized Data Bank.

* Mr. R. K. Gupta, Managing Director, SBP has traveled extensively to countries like Germany, UK and USA, etc. and forged links with various manufacturers of plants and machinery.

* Reports are either based on actual quotation from plant/know-how suppliers or based on reliable data from plants/projects already commissioned in India.

*Technical tie-up/plant/machinery sources provided in the report will enable you to directly content the foreign technology/plant suppliers and further negotiate for collaboration. Most of the reports provide answers to the question like” what is the latest available technology” or” who has the technology know-how.”

*Unlike time consuming commissioned feasibility studies’ which are costly, SBP reports are available at a fraction of their cost and available immediately on demand.