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Industrial Technology Book Contents

Industrial Technology Books

The industrial Technology books will dwell upon all the critical aspects of the study as market, capacity, material inputs, location and site, infrastructure availability, technology, plant organization, overhead costs, scheduling, financial and economic evaluation, conclusion and recommendations. Through such books, the information would be availed on the demand estimates, forecasting etc.

Such books are often based on market study, and come up with prices information on the existing market analysis covering market particulars and marketing arrangement supplemented with proposed absorption mechanism of the production in international market. Details regarding product specifications, product mix details, Details of location, site, and availability of infrastructure facilities like approach road, travel-distance from international airport and power availability during peak season have to be read through them.

Such industrial and technical books throw light on the details on existing technology status in India and details on adopted technology for proposed project, economies of scale, advantages, existing parallel technologies and suitability of proposed technology.

You might see a book on the paper converting industries, and it turns out to be a boon for small and medium scale manufacturers interested in various paper converted items with high commercial potential. The present book describes and discusses paper converted items which are usually manufactured in small and medium scale industries. The book gives the processes, technology, raw materials, and properties of these paper commodities. The manufacturing industry will get clear scientific concepts about these items.

Technology of Paper Additives & Chemicals is another book that presents a highly informative book that describes various commercially important paper chemicals and additives—their properties, their role in paper manufacture as well as their process of manufacturing.

A book with the name of Technology of Foundry Chemicals & Additives would be effective for those already in Foundry business as well as new entrants, this book lights the path for a deeper grasp of opportunities and requisite technical knowledge. Technology of Powder Coating is another one that puts the desirable characteristics of powder coatings to work in order to land a lucrative opportunity in manufacturing.